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Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Visa Legal is committed to acting responsibly when handling all client information and data. We consider the following to be confidential Information:

· All information about our clients such as: their personal and contact details, application information, evidential and documentary information, instructions, advice and action agreed.

· All immigration applications, interview and attendance notes and supporting information.

· All information about our staff and experts or third parties such as: personal contact details, salary and expense details, training records and work-related issues and any other information held on their personnel files.

· Documentary information such as minutes, appraisals, memos, supervision notes, references, faxes, discussions, emails and correspondence between staff, clients and third parties.

We will ensure all clients; staff and any experts instructed are informed of Visa Legal’s confidentiality policy at the earliest opportunity. Visa Legal will ensure its confidentiality policy is explained to all its clients and staff.
Visa Legal will only request and retain information that is necessary for its’ clients’ specific purposes, including information necessary to assess their immigration requirements. We will make sure all information relating to our clients is only accessible to members of our staff who require it in order to carry out their work.